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Cancer with familial


    Tratamentul simptomelor viermilor adulți lack of preventive organisation kept the mortality rates, second or third in men in most countries, unchanged over the last decade and cancer with familial in a prevalence figure of above 2 million in the European Union.

    Moreover in many cases it takes up to 20 years for initial subclinical microscopic tumours to reach the size of clinical detection; and after detection 10 to 15 years of disease may be possible before they reach the final lethal stage.

    cancer with familial

    Is the Commission willing to take all necessary steps to obtain current and accurate data on incidence, its recent rise, early detection, treatment and prevalence in all Member States of the European Union?

    When will this information be available?

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    Will the Commission take into account in the Cancer with familial Framework Programme the existing remarkable difference in mortality between southern and northern Europe, offering a unique opportunity to study environmental and diet factors that promote or inhibit the growth of prostate cancer? Is the Commission willing to speed up the analysis of the cancer with familial of the only two randomised screening trials for prostate cancer, the pan European ERSPC and the Protect Study of the UK, respectively expected by and to secure a scientific base for policy decisions on prostate cancer population screening?

    Is the Commission willing and able to inform the population of the fact that maybe half of all newly detected prostate cancer cancer with familial the basis of the Prostate Specific Antigen PSA test, without other indications of disease, do not need treatment and may be best served by diagnostic follow-up rather than over-treatment?

    cancer with familial

    How does the Commission intend to assist in the transition from the current PSA test, with its limited accuracy for diagnosis, to a more accurate marker for diagnosis and prognosis? How will the Commission support awareness of the fact that familial prostate and breast cancer in close relatives calls for early diagnostic screening from the age of 40? Last updated: 20 March

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