Despre alergii. Ce sunt si cum scapi de ele cu ajutorul unui purificator de aer

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Lasă un răspuns This article aims to capture some of the nutritional and lifestyle factors that help in the prevention or have an adjuvant contribution in the treatment of COVID The ones presented here have an informative role, and do not replace, in any form, a medical treatment. I have chosen to address the healthy people at home, who can access multiple resources to remain in a physically and mentally optimal state, in these times.

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For those infected or those who have undergone treatment for COVID, nutritional intervention must be personalized and, in particular, integrated into their medical treatment scheme.

For any personalized information, adapted to your situation, I recommend an online nutritional consultation. This article may be changed, depending on emerging data and studies.

detectorul energetic natural detox u0026 curatarea colonului

Extremely rapid human-to-human transmission has led the virus to spread from Wuhan to other regions of the Asian continent, as well as to all other continents: Europe, America, Australia, etc. Today, March 28,in Romania we have the following status COVID infected persons, people recovered, 29 people dead, quarantined and people are in isolation at home, under medical supervision.

Worldwide, patients are undergoing several treatment schemes similar to some conditions such as: Pneumonia, Hepatitis C, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, while new studies continue to appear regarding the comparative analysis of the effectiveness of different medical treatment solutions.

Dintre tipurile de alergii de mai sus, vom alege sa vorbim despre alergiile respiratorii sau inhalatorii  rinite, rinosinuzite, astm bronsic alergicdeoarece sunt cele mai intalnite, afectand un numar mai mare din populatie, din cauza prezentei permanente, in mediul inconjurator, a factorilor declansatori. Cauzele alergiilor inhalatorii Care sunt acesti factori?

Saving the life of acute complications is the first goal for all of us. However, we need to remind ourselves and our nutritionist colleagues that nutritional status and nutritional care play a very relevant role in defining the short and long term outcomes of our patients. For scenarios 2, 3 and 4, nutritional intervention should be integrated into a detectorul energetic natural detox u0026 curatarea colonului medical chart, adapted and personalized to the patient.

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In other viral problems, including HIV, nutritional intervention can improve patient status, reduce muscle fatigue and thus inability to work, may reduce the hospitalized period, increase drug tolerance by reducing side effectsimprove intestinal symptoms and, overall, improve the quality of life.

Conditions of home isolation with high stress requires a specific nutritional intake The immune system is constantly working to protect the body from infections, wounds and diseases. It consists of a system of organs, tissues and cells thymus, spleen, vessels and lymph nodes, spinal cord, tonsils and others. The immune system can be threatened by 3 major classes: Allergens, including food, Microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds, Pollutants from the environment: volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, etc.

A precarious immune system can be inflicted by a single class of pathogens listed above, or by a combination of those.

Despre alergii. Ce sunt si cum scapi de ele cu ajutorul unui purificator de aer

During a pandemic, an uninfected person e. COVID while home isolation, should consider the following: Eliminate food aggressors, known either via prior analysis or based on personal experience allergens, sensitivities or intolerances.

It could be sugar, fried food, alcohol more than servings per day, barbecue as a preparation method, gluten, lactose, histamine and others.

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I believe that reducing lactose intake from the diet carries a significant importance, especially by avoiding the consumption of fresh milk. Care for indoor air quality.

Despre alergii. Ce sunt si cum scapi de ele cu ajutorul unui purificator de aer

Home isolation exposes us indoors to much detectorul energetic natural detox u0026 curatarea colonului toxic air than we know. The US Environmental Protection Agency EPA points out that the level of organic pollutants in residential indoor air is 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor air, regardless of location, urban or rural.

Frequent window opening for fresh air in all rooms of the house, throughout the day. Provide ingredients that have know efficiency in chelating heavy metals spirulina, chlorella.


Protein malnutrition is also characterized by deficiencies of vitamin A, B6, folate, vitamin E, Zinc, Copper and Selenium. In the context of strengthening the immune system, the protein intake should be higher than normal: 1.

Good protein sources are: meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts and seeds, beans, or protein extracts from hemp, pumpkin, peas or mixtures thereof. Another excellent source of protein are bone broth soups.

Also in a statement by the Department of Infectious Diseases of Shanghai, where the cure rate is higher than other regions, an intravenous intake of Vitamin C in significant quantities is observed in the treatment schedule. Low Vitamin D levels are correlated with increased risk of respiratory tract infections. Hand hygiene and other food safety measures According to the World Health Organization, we have 5 food safety keys: Hand hygiene, Thorough and optimal temperature cooking especially meat, eggs and seafood, Storing and cum să elimini paraziții din corpul uman food at optimum temperature, Use of safe water.

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Hands often carry microorganisms from one place to another, so proper hand washing is paramount. Washing with soap for at least 20 seconds and using a dry towel to dry our handspreferably paper-towel.

Respiratory hygiene 4.

detectorul energetic natural detox u0026 curatarea colonului

Special attention for children. The general recommendation for water intake is 25 — 30 ml 0.

Despre alergii. Ce sunt si cum scapi de ele cu ajutorul unui purificator de aer

During illness, water intake may need to increase, depending on the degree of dehydration of the body fever, diarrhea, etc. It is probably the most important thing you can do to best respond, in a possible COVID infection.

detectorul energetic natural detox u0026 curatarea colonului

Obesity is characterized by a state of inflammation and accompanied by a lack of essential microelements for optimal function of the immune system. Secondary risk factors for the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus could be: High degree of pollution of the regional area characteristic of Wuhan and northern Italy areasExisting diseases that cause macro and micro-elemental deficiencies, implicitly a precarious immune system e.

Plantele medicinale proaspete în stimularea imunităţii

Bone broth soup with root vegetables after cooking, you may add a pinch of organic turmeric powder, 1 teaspoon of cold pressed flax oil, half a pinch of Cayenne Pepper, 1 tablespoon chopped green parsley with 1 slice of homemade wholegrain and seeds bread.

Use spices to taste.

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Optional: red onion salad. Optional: you can sweeten with honey or agave syrup with inulin. Dinner: Steamed broccoli and cauliflower with mushrooms sautéed with g.

After the disease, returning to agood health is difficult and sometimes very slow.

Add a small portion of organic wild rocket salad with cherry tomatoes and organic virgin olive oil. Evening Snack: a cup of basil tea.

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Please take this information as an informative note, like any other article on this site. It does not replace a personalized nutrition scheme.

For more details, visit the Services Section.

After the disease, returning to agood health is difficult and sometimes very slow. The best way to regain energy is the process of cleaning the entire system of toxins that have accumulated in the body. The natural way of detoxification is to clean the entire colon and liver, so it is advisable to spare the digestive system of heavy food by replacing them with fresh juices.