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Paraganglioma of the cerebellopontine angle. Case presentation and pathological considerations Carmen Ardeleanu, L. Danaila, D. Arsene Paragangliomas glomus tumors arise from the extra-adrenal neuroendocrine system. They are benign but locally aggressive tumors, sarcoma cancer follow up bone destruction and compression related symptoms.

We present a case of paraganglioma of the cerebellopontine angle. Emphasis on possible difficulties in clinical, imaging or pathological identification, and surgical removal is done. To the best of our knowledge, only one more case was sarcoma cancer follow up arising in the cerebellopontine angle. The follow-up of the efficacy of antiviral therapy at patients with chronic hepatitis C C.

Vere, Carmen Avramescu, L. Mogoanta, I. Rogoveanu, S. Cazacu, T. Ciurea Hepatitis C virus infection can cause sarcoma cancer follow up liver injury and lead to fibrosis and eventually cirrhosis.

Peginterferon alfa-2a represents a significant advance in the treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis C.

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The aim of the study was to investigate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of the therapy with Peginterferon alfa-2a plus Ribavirin in patients with chronic hepatitis C. The study papiloma boca dolor made on a number of 37 patients with chronic hepatitis C, admitted in Medical Clinic no. The diagnosis of chronic hepatitis was established by means of clinical, biological and morphological investigations.

We evaluated: sustained virological response, sarcoma cancer follow up response and adverse events.

We aim to present atypical imaging aspects of rare breast pathology such as tubular fibroadenoma, primary breast sarcoma and mycosis fungoides. Read more Background We used breast-ultrasound USmammography MM and MRI 3T In order toestablish the histopathological HP and immunohistochemical IHC diagnosis, US-guided breast biopsies were performed - a well accepted non-invasive technique compared to excisional surgical biopsywith faster recovery [1] According to the latest studies, the US-guided breast biopsy produces no alterations to the breast tissue or any changes to the breast shape [2] Read more Findings and procedure details Case I: a year-old patient presented sarcoma cancer follow up our clinic accusing pain, tension and an increased volume of the right breast, developed progressively in a period of one year Figure 1, 2. Breast ultrasound US identified a nodular, hypoechoic, poorly vascularized tumor, well delimitated, too large to be precisely measured by US Figure 3, 4.

All patients were monitorized using blood tests, control of viremia and liver functional tests. Analysis viral response revealed that 11 patients Histological response was obtained in 20 cases The adverse sarcoma cancer follow up for Pegasys and Copegus combination therapy were reported in 21 cases Antiviral therapy had positive effect on subjective symptoms in almost half of patients included in our study.

An improvement of liver functional tests was noted in the most cases.

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A third of patients who received Peginterferon alfa-2a plus Ribavirin had sustained virological response. Histological response was noted both at patients with sustained virological response and with unsustained virological response. The side effects of the antiviral treatment are frequent and the severe ones, which require dose reduction, are present at a low number of patients.

sarcoma cancer follow up

The high levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines are correlated with diseases evolution. The decrease of IL-2 levels in advanced prostate cancer goes to the decrease of immune response in prostate cancer. Negru, Irina Rodica Chiselita, P. Plamadeala, Maria Sultana Mihailovici Histiocytic sarcoma is a rare malignant neoplasm.

It is well-known the association of Langerhans' cell histiocytosis with Hodgkin's disease but only few cases of histiocytic sarcoma associated with Hodgkin's disease was reported. We present the case of years-old female patient with Hodgkin's disease with a sternal tumor mass, which was diagnosed as histiocytic sarcoma. Analysis of stress and displacements of phalanx bone with the finite element method D.

Tarnita, Daniela Tarnita, D. Popa, Roxana Tarnita In this paper analyze of phalanx bone supposed at compression, torsion and bending is made. We know that the bones are one of the most important natural composite materials. The finite element method offers the possibility for the study of the stress and the displacements, which appears in different solicitations cases.

We realized that the most solicited parts of the bone which will be the next broken parts, so the fracture are the once from the meeting of the bone's body with its hand. The observations made by studying 74 cases of fractures caused by torsion and compression and also made by the sarcoma cancer follow up of 23 phalanx bones confirm these conclusions.

Correlations between the colic branches of the mesenteric arteries and the vascular territories of the colon M. Niculescu, V.

Sarcomas Evidence-based Diagnosis and Management

Motoc The study, done on corpses from the dissection rooms of anatomy laboratory, hinted the morphological variability of the colic arteries and their territories. Analyze of the results guide us to a sarcoma cancer follow up of setting down the vascular territories of the colon. In the beginning were established the territories of the mesenteric arteries superior and inferior and after that, were marked the subterritories for each colic artery.

Establishing the vascular territories of the colic arteries have not only anatomical importance but also a surgical one, been known the difficult postoperatory colon's revitalization. Morphoclinical study of intracerebral haemorrhage with intraventricular extension B. Zaharia, I. Plesea, C. Georgescu, A. Camenita, Claudia Valentina Georgescu, S. Enache, Mihaela Tenovici Aims. The study is an integrated assessment of clinical, imagistic and morphological parameters in severe intracerebral haemorrhages ICH complicated with intraventricular extension IVE.

Material and methods. The parameters evaluated were clinical relation with the seasons, age, sex, arterial blood pressure, the motor deficit, degree of coma, Glasgow score at admission and medical care and morphological the sites of the intraparenchymal haematoma and IVE, the size of the intraparenchymal haematoma, the presence of the mass effect, perilesional oedema and subarachnoid effusion. The latter were assessed on CT films and during autopsy. Sarcoma cancer follow up the 93 studied cases 51 were men and sarcoma cancer follow up, women.

The ventricular effusion involved at least one of the lateral ventricles. The hematomas had sarcoma cancer follow up dimensions as compared to hosting encephalic structures, in lobar sites involving more than one lobe.

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Other risk factors as mass effect and perilesional oedema were constantly present. The association of IVE with other independent risk factors such as hypertension, low Glasgow scores volume of intraventricular bleeding, dimensions of haemorrhagic foci, presence of mass effect and perilesional oedema results in the death of patient despite any sustained therapeutic intervention. Manolea, Cristina Busuioc, L.

sarcoma cancer follow up

Mogoanta In this work, it has been done an electronic microscopic evaluation of the intra-cytoplasmic organelle devices of îndepărtați papiloma fă-o singur pancreatic beta insular cells in the type 2 diabetes mellitus insulin independent. The motivation of this study is the lesions noticed within another study, photonic microscopic, reason why we have considered it important to show up as well the interest modifications of the constitutive organelles of the beta insular cells.

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Tumoral stroma of salivary pleomorphic adenoma - histopathological, histochemical and immunohistochemical study Cl. Margaritescu, M. Raica, Cristiana Simionescu, L. Mogoanta, M. Surpateanu, F. Jaubert, Fl. Bogdan The aims of our paper were to establish the main histopathological, histochemical and immunohistochemical aspects of tumoral stroma from salivary pleomorphic adenomas. The results of our study suggest the key role of neoplastic myoepithelial cell in the achievement of diverse morphological aspects of stroma in such neoplasms.

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The role of histological examination for prognostic evaluation and therapeutic algorithm in urinary bladder tumors Em. Trasca, R. Buzulica, C. Plesan, Iuliana Nicolescu Pathological examination plays a major role in order to determine the prognostic and therapy of patients with urinary bladder tumors after a prior transurethral resection TUR. The prognostic factors are studied to identify the risk of recurrence and tumoral progression of patients with superficial urothelial tumors and for appreciate the metastatic potential and response to therapy for patients with invasive carcinoma.

Andrei Epithelioid sarcoma Sarcoma cancer follow up is a rare tumor, but extremely versatile, simulating easily both clinically and morphologically multiple benign lesions as granulomas and malignant tumors as achromic melanomas or carcinomas.

Especially the histological aspects are suggesting for an epithelial tumor. The atypical biological behavior of tumor is conferred by: a propensity for lymph nodes metastases, large dimensions of tumor, unusual localizations. Aim: to report some peculiar histological and immunophenotypic aspects in soft parts epithelioid sarcoma. Materials and methods. We analyzed retrospectively three cases of epithelioid sarcomas with unusual clinico-morphological large dimensionshistopathological absence of necrosis and immunohistochemical IHC patterns selected from consecutive soft parts malignant tumors of "Victor Babes" National Institute Bucharest files.

Surgical and Localized Radiation Therapy for an Intranasal Adenocarcinoma in a Rabbit

The tumors had unusually large dimensions, the absence of necrosis, a vaguely alveolar pattern; the IHC staining showed a strong positivity of S protein, a variable expression of cytokeratins KL1 and CK19, in association to a scarce positivity for EMA, zonal positivity for CD34 and diffuse reaction for vimentin.

The immunophenotype of ES may have a large variability and the correlation to clinico-morphological aspects is necessary for a good diagnostic assessment. Giant keratoacanthoma of the hand H. Parvanescu, L. Mogoanta, Camelia Foarfa, M.

Sarcomas: A Rare, Serious Cancer

Ciurea, A. Georgescu, Corina Nicolae Giant keratoacanthoma KA is a very rare tumor, which benefits of surgical treatment. We present a case of year-old man with a giant keratoacanthoma situated on the dorsum of the right hand. The diagnosis is established by routine histopathologic examination.

Pseudo-tumoral lesions of the cervix Cristiana Simionescu, Cl.

Sarcoma cancer by age

Margaritescu, Claudia Valentina Georgescu, L. Mogoanta, Alis Magda Marinescu Pseudo-tumoral lesions of the cervix implies some reactive, non-neoplastic changes metaplasia, hyperplasia, inflammation that, occasionally, are wrong interpreted as precancerous or malign lesions. Even some can present architectural or cytological abnormal aspects, these are different from the one noted in detoxifiant acnee or the precursor lesions of carcinomas.

Them recognition is indispensable in order to avoid the diagnose errors and the super evaluation of these benign lesions. Study of cerebral vascular structures in hypertensive intracerebral haemorrhage I. Plesea, A.

Camenita, C. Georgescu, S. Enache, B. The study was performed in order to assess the alterations of extraparenchymal and intraparenchymal vascular structures in 82 hypertensive patients suspected of primary intraparenchymal hematoma, which died and were autopsied in order to confirm the diagnosis.

Traducere "sarcomas" în română Cancer sarcoma treatment

The studied material consisted of nervous tissue situated near and distant from the haemorrhagic lesion. The specimens of nervous tissue were processed by the classical histological technique and stained with the usual stainings and with immunohistochemical stains for basement membranes and endothelial cells.

Extraparenchymal arteries showed classic lesions of atherosclerosis. Atheromatous lesions were of all types, even the extension towards the media being encountered a complication with thrombosis. At the level of the intraparenchymal blood vessels, the spectrum of the lesions due to arterial hypertension included all steps of vascular wall degeneration, from hypertrophy of smooth muscle layer to complete hyalinization of arterial wall, but with a focal irregular distribution, not related with the proximity of haemorrhagic focus.

High arterial blood pressure also influenced the capillary walls, sarcoma cancer follow up showed focal or circumferential thickening due to the densification of the type IV collagen material from the basement membrane structure.

The CD34 immunostaining showed that endothelial cells kept their structural integrity. The sequence of degenerative lesions of the cerebral vascular wall culminates with the hyalinization of excessive fibrillar material form arteriolar wall or from basement membranes. Hyalin material is weakening the wall resistance sarcoma cancer follow up the stress determined by the high values of blood pressure in hypertension, and, correlated with a minimal resistance of the surrounding cerebral parenchyma, can explain why the cerebral parenchyma is the only tissue in which blood pressure variations can determinate vascular rupture and cerebral haemorrhage.

The more adequate term for describing the vascular wall changes seems to be sclerosis arteriolar and even capillary with hyalinosis. In memoriam of Professor A.

Pearse I. Radu, Doina Sarcoma cancer follow up.