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Colorectal cancer biomarker

Meghea, A.

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Murariu, E. Codorean, C.

colorectal cancer biomarker

Tănase, C. Parvan, O.

  • Chiricuta" Cluj-Napoca, Romania Abstract Colorectal cancer is an important disease of the modern world, generating significant mortality and morbidity rates.
  • TR Microsatellite instability MSI Instabilitatea microsatelitară MSI este o afecțiune care apare pe ADN-ul celulelor specifice cum ar fi celulele canceroase unde numărul de microsateliți repetiții scurte ale secvențelor ADN din aceste celule este diferit de repetările care au existat în ADN atunci când a fost moștenit.
  • Distribuie pe: DESCRIERE Presents research data from across the globe in the study of cancer biomarkers, including oral cancer biomarkers through a cell cycle perspective; molecular markers of infectious agents to detect cancer; protein isoforms; bioinformatics analysis of gene networks involved in genomic stability and cancer; and, more.
  • In advanced stages this malignancy has a poor prognosis due to the inefficacy of the existent treatment and at this point the outcome cannot be completely predicted by common prognostic factors such as lymph node involvement, tumor size or local extension of the disease.
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[Acute-phase Proteins in Colorectal Cancer]

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colorectal cancer biomarker condilomul cauzei sale

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colorectal cancer biomarker neuroendocrine cancer death

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colorectal cancer biomarker

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